Jan Davies


Lake Almanor, CA


I have lived in Plumas County since 1977. It is a place so steeped in nature and wildlife, that every day, every view, is a photographic opportunity. Photography captures and freezes moments in time that would otherwise be missed, or compressed by our brains into the daily mash of life. Whether I am capturing wildlife, birds, clouds, water, landscapes, stars, flowers, even people... the excitement comes in savoring a singular moment in time... often these moments occur faster than our vision can record... or we simply overlook the beauty of a sunset or cloud... but the photograph brings us into mindful presence instantly.

I am drawn to color, texture, contrast, and visual drama of all sorts. In fact I am so distracted by visual cues that I have learned the art of listening as a skill, which I use daily as a health educator and holistic /spiritual life coach. I wear many hats in my community, including 20 years as a hospice volunteer, and co-own a construction business with my husband. He is a backwoodsman, and native to this area so he knows all the back roads and hidden treasures.

I love to haunt Lassen Volcanic National Park, with its 4-season beauty; the bucolic nearby valleys of ranching; the rodeos and music festivals; the waterways: lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls; the Eastern Sierras along Hwy 395 to the high deserts and everything in between. Although I dabbled in 35mm photography, I have been a digital enthusiast and semi-professional since 2006. I am influenced by Ansel Adams, the great Western/American Landscape art movement of the 20th century, and other artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O'Keeffe.



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